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    jolie photo

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    badass pic(painting)!

  • Good Job , You are Great ;)

    • VideoArt

      Thank you !

    • You Are Welcome ;)

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    wow wonderfull graphic

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  • salut mon ami ça va bien

  • take this +5 of my birth-day :D

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    bonjour toi supert blog et profil +5 gros bisous de franc

  • salut cava

  • coucou +5 pour toi +5 bisous je t'aime bien jolie ton bloc +5 je kiffé

  • Thank you all !

  • Mais ta pas fait c que je te demandé?

  • LIONEL KERJEAN was the most inventive individual in my animation class in 1988. He has been doing wonderfully with commercial animation therefore occulting any real chance of really using his creativity for his sake. Don t tell him. Other great source of inspiration is ONF the national film board of Canada. ( spread the word) all the best to you.

  • Hello...cool cat...I like it? Greetings..from CHINA

  • Simo-BaD-BoY

    really, you are very good designer...^^

  • salut ça va bien ? ta skype ?

  • Tu es vraiment proffessionnel en dessin, peu tu mes dessiner et m’envoyer le dessin?

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  • hi

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